Hello world!

I'm Kevin. I believe that code is more than just ones and zeroes. I believe programming is a craft that involves as much creativity as any other form of art. I'm a proponent of the worse is better philosophy, and I think making things easier to understand is better than making things more complicated.

I support diversity in tech, and I believe we have a responsibility to open the door for new coders- especially those who feel unwelcome, or who might not know how fun it is.

I'm always looking for ways to get more involved in education, outreach, and mentorship, so please don't hesitate to reach out to me.

By day I work at Google, where I help run CodeU.

Here are a couple articles written by CodeU participants:

I post tutorials and coding examples at HappyCoding.io!

The tutorials start with the absolute basics in Processing, and go through Java, web development, server-side programming, Android, and libGDX.

I also sporadically post random thoughts to the blog.

Come say hi on the forum!

On Stack Overflow I mostly lurk in various Processing tags. I believe in helping people through the process of solving their own problems.

Here are some fun posts: